How to Prep for a Comp Tan

Instructions on how to prep for a comp tan and important after care to ensure the best results.


How to Prep for a Comp Tan

  1. Complete any hair removal 24 hours prior to your booking, wax or shave is fine
  2. Shower prior to your appointment
  3. Exfoliate if you wish
  4. Do not apply any products to your skin before your appointment ie. deodorant, moisturiser, cologne, perfume
  5. If you are in men’s Bodybuilding please bring a spare sock


After a Comp Tan

Your comp tan will be applied by a fully trained comp tanner. Your tan will be perfect when you leave your appointment. Please follow the instructions below to ensure best results.

  1. Wear EXTRA LOOSE clothing, ie singlet, shorts, dress, zip up hoodie (onesies are not recommended)
  2. Do not shower until after comp
  3. Stay cool and dry
  4. Keep drying off your tan using a hair dryer on cool setting if you can
  5. Sleep in EXTRA LOOSE clothing


Backstage Assistance

MST will be backstage at the show for minor touch ups. Each client is allocated 15 minutes for this service.