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Competition Tanning Solution


Available in Small (pictured), Medium (2 litre) and Large (4 litre). Darkest Competition Tanning Solution on the market today. Liquid Sun Rayz Competition Bronzer is a super dark and super dry competition tanning solution specifically made for fitness and bodybuilding competitions. A perfect stage colour is achieved with just two coats the night before the show. The formula has been designed to provide the very best intense, dark tan suitable for the bright stage lights and heat of a competition stage.

With quick drying time and minimal rub off, the phenomenal overnight development will require no more than minor touch ups and glaze in the morning. The distinct colour makes it a stand out on stage enhancing muscle definition and separation. Competitors need a high quality product which conforms to the rules, making Liquid Sun Rayz Competition Bronzer the ideal choice.

For the final touch competitors will need Liquid Sun Rayz Enhanced Definition Posing Glaze before stepping on stage.