Men’s Posing Coach Pablo Piedrabuena
Posted on January 3, 2016 in Midnight Spray Tanning
First place

Pablo Piedrabuena, World Champion Men’s Sports Model 2015.

Posing is Vital

On comp day you are being judged on what you present on stage, and most importantly what the judges see.

How you present yourself can make you look a whole lot better, or a whole lot worse.

It comes down to the requirements of the federation and what those judges want to see!

Pablo is a world champion who has an enormous amount of stage experience and can advise you correctly. He is also the posing coach chosen by INBA for Sports and Fitness Models.

Pablo’s No.1 tip; ‘Do not neglect posing or say I’ll worry about that closer to comp time. Learn from a pro then practice, practice, practice.

What you will receive from 1:1 posing with Pablo;

  • The correct poses that are appropriate for the INBA/PNBA federations
  • Develop a stage personality so you stand out in a packed line-up
  • Tricks to get the judges to watch you more than the other competitors
  • Tips on comp prep, ie. tanning and what to expect on show day
  • And much more!

Are you competing this season?

For 1:1 stage coaching & posing contact Pablo Now.


Pablo’s accolades;

INBA/PNBA Elite Pro Athlete
INBA Posing Coach for Men’s Sports & Fitness Model
World Champion Sports Model World Championships, Dubai 2015
Triple Silver Medalist Fitness Model Natural Olympia, Vegas 2015
First Place Mr Physique Victoria 2014
First Place Mr Physique Australia 2014
INBA Trainee judge
Personal Trainer at Living Dreams Body Transformation

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